The Commercial Bureau of the Consulate General of The Arab Republic of Egypt in Montréal presents its compliments and has the pleasure to announce that the Egyptian Railways Maintenance & Service Co. (ERMAS), a subsidiary of Egyptian National Railways, has recently announced an international bid for supplying 1500Set of Insulating Glued Joints with Its Components for Rails Uic-54. Reference no.302G8/337G2.

decided to postpone the date of opening the offer for the general international as follows:

  1. No. 71/foreign/2018 to Supply Electrical Spare Parts for EMD Locomotives on item basis to be 25/2/2018 instead of 11/2/2018.
  2. No. 72/foreign/2018 to Supply Electrical Spare Parts for GE Locomotives on item basis to be 27/2/2018 instead of 13/2/2018.

With the same conditions.

1.First Envelope (Technical Offer):

It will contain the prices validity. The following will be enclosed therewith: (form A and attached with /14S Agents)

Provisional Deposit being:

-60000 Euro as provisional security deposit.

This deposit will be provided according to one of the following methods:

  • The Authority’s cash receipt.
  • Unconditional letter of guarantee issued by any Egyptian bank with Arabic language.
  • Certified cheque.

2.Second Envelope:

It will contain the details of prices, the total offer and payment…etc.

Venue of Submission: At the Purchases and Stores Dept. at Railways Building, 5th floor, above Shubra Tunnel, Cairo for public external tender. Tel: (202) 25768035   Fax: (202) 25761318

For more information: please contact the Consulate General of Egypt.